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The next Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 9th, 2015 at 7pm at the Skeet Range Club House. In case of bad weather an alternate location will be chosen and posted.

Refer to Board of Directors page for future dates.

Volunteers Needed - Please contact a board member. WE NEED YOUR HELP

Lakes have been stocked.      Lifeguard Applications on Pool Page.      Campground Closed - No Driving thru campground due to construction.     All Deer Stands must be removed - check Hunting Page       All Campers - Check Camping Page      Membership is currently closed       Please be careful on club grounds = sewer project and electrical upgrades in progress       Skeet Range restricted to Members Only - No Guest      Lets all welcome a great 2015 - It's going to be a banner year, many changes are coming.      

Welcome to the FMC Sportsman's Club Website. This site has several pages filled with information regarding our wonderful club. The website is continuously being updated. If you are having issues with the website, please refresh the page. Please email us with any questions, suggestions or just to say hello. We are volunteers and it's nice to get an email regarding our beautiful club.

New Club Address = 5172 North Poplar Fork Road, Winfield, WV 25213

The Club News Letter will be mailed in March 2015. All info on the News Letter will be located on this web site.

All Members - Please join a work party, we need your help. The season is upon us. Work Parties every weekend.  = Please Help.... We need help with wood cutting/splitting for the 2015 Camping Season - We will have wood for sale to all campers.. Please contact Caretaker..

2015 Membership and Camping fees have been established for the 2015 season. Thanks to the 2015 Board of Directors - No increase in fees!
Please refer to the Club News and Camping pages.

Please Pay your Membership and Camping Fees ASAP.

The FMC Sportsman's Club mission: To promote, educate and establish outdoor sportsmanship. Develop and maintain recreation areas. Emphasize the conservation of our natural resources.

We are looking forward to seeing you this season. Please explore the rest of our web-site and contact us with any questions or comments. Your question/comments will be forwarded to the appropriate person or committee.

The FMC Sportsman's Club
is a non-profit organization. Membership in the club is accepted if the applicant is in good standing in the public and there are membership openings available. The Club is located between Teays Valley and Winfield. (5172 North Poplar Fork Road, Winfield 25213).

Message from your BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
We, your Board of Directors, pledge to each of you that we will continue to operate your Club to the best of our abilities. We will operate it openly, safely, and frugally so that all members may enjoy our Club. We will respect the past, work in the present, and plan for the future so that our Club will continue to grow and be here for generations to come.

Contact us at
Or check the web site for the preferred contact. Check Board Of Directors Page for more info.
FYI - If you email and do not get a reply with in one week. We did not receive your email. Please ensure you have the correct email and try again.

Welcome Message
Welcome to the FMC Sportsman's Club. While the 2014 season has brought many changes to the club. The 2015 season offers many more changes and improvements. We should all be proud of our Board of Directors and all our Chairpersons for their dedicated commitment and hard work. Thanks to all the committee members and volunteers who have sacrificed their time and skills to keep your wonderful Club up and running. Please consider volunteering when possible, your help is much appreciated. Remember - this club is run with volunteers. Please assist when you have the opportunity. Contact a Board Member or Committee Person today..
Please have a great 2015 season.

Need Volunteers for our Club Committees - can you help?      All Members - ICE AVAILABLE - Contact the Pool, Caretaker or Camping Committee.

NEW MEMBERSHIP (check Club News Page)
Membership is Closed, if you are interested in a membership, please email us and request your name be placed on the Membership Waiting List for 2015.
 PLEASE NOTE that the PERSON WHO SIGNS the APPLICATION for MEMBERSHIP BECOMES the MEMBER OF RECORD. (The only member allowed to vote, and the member whose name will be printed on the membership card.)  Please provide a sponsor (current member), if no sponsor, references will be needed at time of application.


Please Volunteer
We can use your help any day of the week! Please come out and help us make our Club even greater. It's a great time to work beside your fellow Club Members. Teens are welcome to come help and will be given a letter of Community Service. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Calling all Volunteers - Every Saturday in April and May we ask all Members to volunteer, to be brutally honest, very few of you do. Please take a couple hours out of your weekend to come out and help. We the volunteers strive to help make our club what it is today, "the best kept secret in WV'. Don't expect us to call you, just come out and lend a hand... Contact any Board Member, Committee Member, Caretaker or email us.. By volunteering we can keep the Club fees at a minimum.

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