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2006 Rifle and Archery Ranges
We had a safe Hunting and Shooting season in 2005. As we all know a rifle range can be a fun place to shoot, but also a very dangerous place. The Sportsmans Club Rifle range is for our club members only. Members must carry their cards at all times.

A fence has been placed at the rifle range area to control access from non-club members and to make it safer. Our goal is for everyone to have fun and be safe. The security lock combination for the rifle range gate will be printed on your membership card. (USE OUR RANGES AND BE SAFE)

Preliminary work has begun on the RT 35 upgrade. For the safety of workers on the club property, the Rifle Range will be closed Mon thru Friday until further notice. The Rifle Range will be open sporadically on the weekends

Rifle and Archery Range Rules
Click to view rules, click back button to return to web site.

Click here to view the Rifle and Pistol Range Rules

Click here to view the Archery Range Rules

Annual FMC Shooting Competition
The FMC Sportsmans Club will be having its annual shooting competition on Saturday, Sept 16th from 1pm to 4pm. There will be prizes for first, second and third places in each category. This years competition will be broken up into four groups.
Group 1 = Participants: Boys and girls under the age of 15. Rifle = .22 rifle only.
Group 2 = Participants: Women 15 and older. Rifle = .22 rifle only.
Group 3 = Participants: Men 15 and older. Rifle = .22 rifle only.
Group 4 = Participants: Open to everyone. Rifle = Open to all rifles.
Rules = All participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Event coordinator reserves the right to not allow rifles deemed upsafe.

Scoring: Each participant will be given a target with 10 circles of varying sizes. Each circle is worth up to two points. The participant will receive two points for each circle with a shot completely within the circle and one point for each circle with a shot on the line of the circle.. Only one shot for each circle will be counted. The first tiebreaker will be the number of two point shots scored. The final tiebreaker will be the total distance from the center of each target to the shot inside of that target.

.22 Long Shot Competition = An addtional event will be sponsored in conjunction with our annual shooting competition. For $10 each, a shooter will be given the chance to shoot at a target with a .22 rifle at an undisclosed distance between 25 and 150 yards. The person with the closest shot at the end of the day will win a Savage Model 110, .270 with synthetic stock.

FMC Sportsman Club 2006 Rifle Contest Results

The 2006 FMC Sportsman Club rifle contest held on Saturday, September 16, 2006 was a success.  We were very active for the entire event.  There were over 40 entries throughout the dayís event. 

Below is a list of winners in each category.  The number of participants in each category is given in parenthesis.
Menís .22 caliber (7)
1. Joseph Francis
2. Samuel Moore
3. Pat Holland

Womenís .22 caliber (6)
1. Audrey Higginbotham
2. Malissa Miller
3. Pam Estes

Childrenís .22 caliber (2)
1. Taylor Deweese
2. Nicholas Francis

Unlimited Class (12)
1. Bob Miller
2. Sam Moore
3. Caitlin Estes

Closest Shot (14)
Sam Moore

The following prizes were awarded to each winner.
1. Set of Caldwell shooting bags, shooting glasses, and shooting earmuffs
2. Shooting glasses and shooting earmuffs
3. Shooting earmuffs

The prize for the Closest Shot competition was a 7mm Savage.  Sam Moore shot a .22 long rifle at a target over 85 yards away from a standing position and hit the target within an inch of center to win this branch of the competition.

Special thanks to Chad Snodgrass and Todd Taylor of the Charleston PD for judging this yearís competition and to Gallipolis Gun and Archery for assisting with the prizes.  Also special thanks to all of those who helped make this yearís event a success.

Deer Season
ALL HUNTERS MUST SIGN IN AT THE MAIN GATE. 4-wheelers will require a permit to enter the trails during the gun deer season. Permits can be obtained from the Caretaker, the Rifle or Archery Range Chairperson. The Archery and Rifle Ranges will be closed during the rifle deer season, except on Sundays. To ensure the safety of all hunters the Rifle/Gun Range gate will be locked and access not granted during this time period. Please park in the main parking lot. We ask that anyone who takes a deer or game bird of any kind, go to the hunters sign in shelter and fill out the forms provided so that these type game kills may be tracked. Please remember that all state hunting rules apply at our club. HUNT SAFELY

Rifle Range Committee Chairperson
Contact Ezra Schoolcraft at  419-2932 or email [email protected]

Archery Range Committee Chairperson
Contact Pat Holland at 562-7026 or email [email protected]

Rifle Range

Archery Range

Hunting On Club Property:
Hunting on club property is reserved for members only, NO GUESTS. Member includes, members of your immediate family etc. wife, daughter, son. please remember this is the only exception to our " guest" policy.

All hunters must sign in at the main gate and 4-wheelers will require a permit to enter the trails during the gun deer season. Permits can be obtained from the Caretaker, the Rifle or Archery Range Chairperson. The Archery and Rifle Ranges will be closed during the gun deer season, except on Sundays.

Dogs ARE NOT ALLOWED for the training or hunting of any game on club property. The complete hunting rules are posted at the rifle, archery range and the campers sign in building.

The club has stocked Pheasant this year, and to allow them to settle in, the hunting committee will not allow them to be hunted this year.

Shooting Tower
The shooting tower at the archery range requires that a person be over twelve years old, or have parent supervision. No more than two people at a time will be allowed on the tower. The combined weight of the two people shall not exceed 350 pounds.

Committee Members
Anyone willing to serve on the Rifle and Archery Committee (hunting/shooting committee) please call the numbers listed above.

Heres a link to WV Online, Hunting & Fishing Licensing System, DNR, etc.



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